Why choose us

We are a fully authorised sales and service partner for Miele Professional, accredited for the specification, supply and installation of new equipment.

Furthermore our expert technicians are fully trained and validated to Miele Factory standards.

In keeping with our pledge to deliver the highest standards we are proud to be a Partner for Miele Professional, Hobart, Veit and Pony. Working closely with the manufacturer our team of sales professionals and technicians are trained to offer the excellent technical and mechanical support you would associate with a world renowned equipment manufacturer.

As a specialist laundry equipment, dishwashing, glass washing and finishing equipment company our sales concept will be focusing the customer on the value attributed to efficiency and efficacy of industry leading equipment. Partnering with the leading manufacturer’s within this sector we aim to deliver knowledge to the end user to allow them the ability to make an informed decision. Our highly tailored approach incorporates customised installation and the total delivery of the client’s needs.