The Savoy Hotel invests in SLS and Miele

During the summer of 2017 SLS were invited to tender for a full replacement laundry within The Savoy Hotel, The Strand, Central London.

We relished the opportunity to put our skills and knowledge to the test and were absolutely delighted to be awarded the contract to supply new equipment and provide reactive support and maintenance for years to come.

We could not resist the opportunity to create a video showcase of the installation at such a prestigious and famous venue and here is the story of our delivery and undertaking.

Click on the Savoy Logo below to view the short movie.


SLS Connect. Leading the way.

At SLS, we understand our customer needs and are always looking for advances to better their experiences. SLS Connect is the answer to our wishes, focusing on quality and customer care.

We are aiming to strive to be at the forefront of opportunities to improve service and support. SLS Connect is a concept built around high quality laundry equipment and matching standards of support. We are fortunate to be the first to take advantage of these advancements in technology and look forward to harnessing the benefits for all stakeholders, customers and employees alike, who stand to benefit.

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SLS Connect, the intelligent laundry

We believe having accurate information of what is happening, when and why it is happening will shape a new future and standard in laundry equipment and support. This is intelligent laundry.

Having amassed years of experience within the laundry sector we have long understood the value of information and communication. Historically, we have always been on the wrong side of the line, relying solely upon the accuracy of information relayed to us from our customers. This, at no fault of our customers, has often created a void in our understanding and, as such, a delay in the quality of our response.

SLS Connect changes our position definitively, putting our team in the driving seat when things go wrong.

An SLS Connect machine constantly monitors its operation and function and reports every process into a central hub whereupon we are afforded a real-time view of what is actually happening.

This carries significant benefits to both the customer and our team. Here are some examples of simple day-to-day challenges we face and you will endure that we believe improve massively with SLS Connect.

Example 1. The chain of command and the delays it can cause…

It isn’t uncommon for a washing machine or dryer to have an issue at an unfortunate time, perhaps even in the middle of the night. If we assume a simple occurrence, for example a member of the night staff is using the dryer. When cleaning, the lint screen fails to secure the door shut at the end. Most, if not all, modern machines will fail to operate with an open door for safety reasons. In this instance the operator may not recognise the issue and places an “Out of Order” card on the machine. Then when the day staff arrive first thing they start the process of reporting the fault, maybe transferring the knowledge to the administration to report to the service provider. At this point the issue has likely been present for 5 hours already. Perhaps reception take an hour to report the issue and at that point they are unsure what is wrong, only stating a dryer isn’t working. We may have received this call around 10am and ideally we attend the same day only to find the door is not closed properly. Let’s say we arrived at 3pm. This means the day staff have lost a full days operation of possibly 50% or even 100% of drying capacity on site.

SLS Connect changes this completely as we will be alerted to the event at the moment it happens. The report will tell us that someone has tried to operate the machine with the door open. We then have the opportunity to call through and alert the customer, saving a whole days operation and also ensuring no invoice is raised for a wasted call.

Also, if we receive the call directly but there is no solid information about the machine or fault we will be able to see with the click of a button which machine has the issue and what the issue is. In this instance we will again be able to advise the remedy and get the machine operational without delay or cost to the customer.

Example 2. Many machines on a large sprawling site…

In many instances we have customers operating numerous machines in numerous buildings on a large estate, a hospital being a typical example. Typically, when a machine has a fault the information flows from each department through to a central support centre and onward to our team at SLS. In this instance there are a lot of invested persons passing this message on and there are many opportunities for the quality of this information to reduce. SLS Connect empowers our team to support you better than ever before. We will easily identify the faulty machine, the issue and a suitable response instead of sending an engineer ‘blind’ to site.

Further to this unparalleled flow of information is another new and unique benefit. In order to speed up and improve the response we will have the vision to understand what is likely to be faulty and exactly where the machine is situated on the sprawling hospital site. This means our attending engineer can park up, identify the location of the machine to within 3 feet (GPS) and take with them their tools and likely spares required for the first time fix.

As simple as this sounds, it will save time on site as parking can often be ten minutes from a machine and several journeys saved will reduce customer invoices dramatically if the estate operates 20 or 30 machines.

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Future proof your laundry with SLS Connect

The new exciting range of laundry washing machines and tumble dryers from SLS Connect are designed to operate to the highest of standards, featuring new and unique technology to deliver you unrivaled after-sales support.

Like many modern devices we can constantly update your machine remotely, improving function and performance without additional cost.

In simple terms SLS Connect is adaptable to the needs of our customers, when your business changes or your laundry process needs an update because you are washing new fabrics, we can simply change the way your machine works.

It is similar to updating a PC or a mobile phone to keep up with change and the needs of our customers, it will mean the machine remains relevant and purposeful  throughout the time on site changing as your needs change.

We welcome discussion and interest, please call us on 0845 388 3834 for further information.

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A new innovation, simply delivered.

Is there room for change in the commercial laundry sector? We truly believe there is – room for innovation and room for improvement.

The principal of a washing machine hasn’t really changed, we just want to deliver clean linen consistently. SLS Connect has functionality at the core of its design, with information central to how it will empower us to provide unparalleled support throughout the operative lifetime.

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The industry’s first Smart Connected laundry

SLS Connect is first-to-market with a new level of service-led technology that knows what is wrong at the exact time a fault occurs. Washing, drying and ironing can be this simple. Smart Technology, Intelligent Service.

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