Royal Military School

When the Duke of York's Royal Military School made the decision to fit a full on-premise laundry, Miele Professional leapt at the opportunity to be involved.

Traditionally established to educate children from military families, The Duke of York’s Royal Military School now takes applications from any student aged 11 to 18 wishing to board as they study for their GCSEs and A Levels. The creation of a central laundry area was part of a major re-build and refurbishment of the school in 2013/14. The school had used Miele machines for several years within a domestic environment and having firsthand experience of the quality and durability of the brand, the school decided to purchase Miele Professional machins for their new site.


The creation of a central laundry area fitted took the school’s laundering capabilities to the next level, removing the burden of undertaking laundry duties from Boarding House staff and freeing them up to look after the students. A representative from the school commented that the service and installation performed by Miele Professional Partner Solent Laundry Solutions (SLS) was first class. To avoid the busy term time, SLS undertook the refurbishments in the summer holidays, ensuring that the laundry was fully installed and operational by the start of the Autumn term.