Hampshire County Council

Hampshire County Council selected SLS to upgrade the laundry equipment within 18 Adult Care sites

Earlier this year SLS were awarded the opportunity to upgrade the laundry equipment within the estate of Hampshire County Council’s Adult Services care homes.

The story of the laundries throughout Hampshire County Council stretches back further as the range of equipment SLS were tasked to replace was primarily Miele Professional appliances that were introduced when the County embarked upon an ambitious improvement and regeneration project shortly after the turn of the century.

When looking at a replacement schedule it made perfect sense to reinvest in new Miele Professional laundry equipment, primarily washers and dryers so that the processes and methods already in use County wide could be easily replicated and improved where necessary.

SLS initially visited all sites within the estate and identified all current assets that fitted within a carefully considered criteria for economic replacement, eventually agreeing to a roll out across 18 individual locations.

Once instructed SLS delivered a schedule of installations and attended pre-installation meetings with all care homes and associated staff who would be directly affected on the day and moving forward.

Each site was walked through the planned improvements and had the opportunity to suggest changes where applicable, in particular the timing of our installations varied greatly from site to site so as to impact the operation of each care home as little as possible.

With a plan in place and the support of the County and each individual site SLS delivered all upgraded laundry equipment within an 8 week delivery window to the satisfaction of all parties.

Below is the outcome on one site where all washers and all dryers were replaced in the space of one day.

Miele Professional washing machines

Miele Professional washing machines

Miele Professional tumble dryers

Miele Professional tumble dryers