Speedy Iron


Speedy Iron has been a client of SLS for a number of years, so when the professional laundry and ironing service required new machines to support their expanding business they immediately approached SLS for help.

SLS Solution:                                      

To increase operational efficiency and reduce ongoing costs, we installed our new range of smart commercial laundry equipment – SLS Connect.

Speedy Iron became the first customer to adopt the intelligent W28 steam heated washer and T24 gas heated dryer, which can monitor and report every process and problem, providing SLS HQ with a real-time view of what is actually happening. Thanks to this innovative technology, we will know if there is a problem with a machine before Speedy Iron does, which means we can react immediately, saving them time and money.

This unrivalled support combined with the smart equipment provides the perfect solution for Speedy Iron’s ambitious growth strategy. SLS Connect has the capability to adapt to their needs rather than the business being governed by the limited possibilities older machinery may have presented.


Commenting on SLS Connect, Speedy Iron Managing Director, Chris Gaynard, said; “We were thrilled to be the first customer to adopt their new smart technology. We have been delighted with the performance of our new machines and expect SLS Connect to be very much part of our future expansion plans. It is a fantastic service-lead product and we are already seeing the benefits”.