The Grange Nursing Home

For many years SLS has been the go to support partner for the 63 resident Grange Nursing Home in Hedge End near Southampton. We have provided washing machines, tumble dryers and all support and regular maintenance for many years and recently had the opportunity to improve a part of their laundry operation that is often overlooked in many of our care home customers laundries.

SLS delivered a new solution to improve the management and quality of ironing personal items within the laundry; the fully commercial Reliable 5000IS steam generator ironing system.


Reliable 5000IS steam iron

Reliable 5000IS steam iron













Like many care homes we support, The Grange used domestic grade ironing solutions, opting for a high end domestic steam generating iron on a traditional domestic fold away ironing board.

The problems faced by the experienced laundry team at The Grange are encountered by many, more often than not the quality of the domestic grade iron doesn’t meet the needs of a commercial laundry and as such there was a tendency for the irons to be viewed as a throw away item even though they cost anywhere from £140 – £240 and were being replaced more than once a year.

As is always the case, a domestic warranty is void in a commercial environment so the cycle of waste was continuous.

By investing in the Reliable 5000IS commercial steam ironing system complete with a vacuum ironing table The Grange now benefits from these simple improvements:

  • Fully commercial grade iron complete with a full 12 months manufacturer warranty
  • Longer periods of ironing between refills – up to 4 hours
  • Improved safety features – 4 individual safety systems to protect the operator
  • Better results – the commercial grade hand iron with comfortable cork handle glides through the work
  • Saving money – investing in the Reliable 5000IS equates to replacing a domestic iron twice, payback in less than 12 months