The Savoy Hotel


Synonymous with luxury, the Savoy Hotel prides itself on providing five-star service to its guests. But with 268 rooms and over 6,000 items processed through their laundry each day, maintaining the high standards guests have come to expect can be challenging with inefficient and unreliable machinery.

With its five-star reputation to uphold, the Savoy approached SLS to overhaul their historic laundry system with a best-in-class facility that will meet their guests’ exacting standards long into the future.

SLS Solution:

The first step in our journey was to immerse ourselves in the hotel, to get a feel for its operations, the challenges it needed to overcome and the opportunities available.  By fully-understanding this busy working environment, we were able to recommend the right machines and capacities.

During the tender process, it was critical that the hotel functionality remained fully operational, with no downtime permitted. To ensure their laundry system ran smoothly, machines were given to the Savoy on loan and the refurbishment took place in phases, reducing the impact on staff and operations.

The installation included the following:

  • 5 x Miele PW6321 Washers
  • 5 X PT8807 Gas Dryers
  • 1 X Miele PW6207 Washer
  • 1 X Miele PW6080 Washer
  • 1 X Primus DX13/13 Twin stack dryer


The Savoy’s current machines were placed on a 400mm plinth this, combined with tight doorways in the hotel, meant that careful consideration was taken throughout the removal and installation process to ensure no damage occurred.


SLS’s reputation for outstanding customer service, allied to the quality of the Miele brand, chimed perfectly with the Savoy’s values. Due to a rigorous planning process and the extensive knowledge our engineers, the installation process was seamless and resulted in zero downtime and faultless integration of the new machines into the current laundry set up.

Commenting on the project, Laima Simonaitiene from the Savoy Hotel, said: “On behalf of the Laundry and Savoy Management Team, we would like to say a huge THANK YOU to you and your team for the hard work you have done for us. The service was fantastic during the installation; it is exactly what we were excepting from professionals. Well done SLS!!”