There are many ways to transport an engineer?

Repairing commercial laundry equipment can involve some challenging journeys, consider our busy motorways, our narrow winding country lanes, or our greatest challenge yet, meeting a barge sat in the middle of the Thames river estuary.

SLS were tasked to initially support a vessel during a brief visit to Falmouth Docks in Cornwall, however the complexity of the repair and associated logistics meant the vessels time at Falmouth was up and the vessel was to be located off Canvey Island in Essex.

We sent our engineer along to complete the repair at Canvey Islnad, however the task involved a very interesting trip as the vessel was no longer tethered to a dock, instead the barge was sat in the middle of the Thames estuary and the only transport involved a short tug boat ride and a final vessel to vessel transfer via, well, I am not sure how best to describe the transfer but “lobster pot” seems an apt description. Glad to report the job was completed on the first visit!