Hobart Ecomax G402

400mm basket commercial glasswasher


Hobart Ecomax equipment is manufactured in Germany to the highest standards and the G402 is the smallest option in the range, offering a 400mm sq basket capable of washing 16-18 pint glasses in as little as a minute. The results are impressive, you will benefit from both a lower and an upper wash arm for full coverage during the wash process, unlike many other appliances of a similar size. This isn’t a compromise Hobart is willing to make and compromise isn’t something a customer should expect. Detergent, rinse aid and drain pumps all come as standard making this a fully built machine out of the box. Easily installed on either a 13amp socket, 20amp supply or even 3-phase.


H/W/D [mm] 700 x 435 x 530.

What happens next…

Before you choose a new glass washer we would welcome the opportunity to talk through your requirements and offer any relevant guidance and advice. Please do not hesitate to contact SLS.


Product benefits

Lower and upper wash arms // Chemical pumps // Drain pump // High Quality // Durable