Miele PG8056

The fastest fresh water cycle dishwasher available


Miele Professional offers a wide range of unique commercial dishwashers, the PW8056 is the quickest machine to the range, fully featured and highly efficient. The PG8056 is a fresh water dishwasher, therefore on every cycle all the wash and rinse water is fresh and not recycled, thus allowing the finest results time and time again. Two racks can be processed per cycle thanks to a mid-level wash arm and cycle times can be as short as 6 minutes, (18 full sized plates with 27 side plates), this equates to the same throughput as a traditional tank washer however wash results are of the highest quality.


H/W/D [mm] 850 x 595 x 700.

What happens next…

Please call SLS to discuss our complete dishwasher offering and let us know if you think the PG8056 is of interest, we can explain more about the concept and benefits and assist you with your decision making.


Product benefits

Compact // All in the box, no extra’s required // Easy to use // Highly Efficient // Best Results Consistently // 6 minute wash, two full baskets