Miele PG8081i

A fast, integrated professional dishwasher


Not all installations are the same therefore not all dishwashers need be the same, the Miele PG8081i  can be integrated into your professional kitchen, a unique feature. As a result this model isn’t suited to everyone but is a perfect solution where a commercial installation requires high end aesthetics, easy operation and commercial durability. The Miele PG8081i is also fast, a full wash can be completed within 19 minutes.


H/W/D [mm] 845 x 598 x 570.

What happens next…

Please call SLS to discuss our complete dishwasher offering and let us know if you think the PG8082 SCi is of interest, we can explain more about the concept and benefits and assist you with your decision making.


Product benefits

Integrated // Short wash cycles // Unique 3D cutlery tray // Twin basket // Always fresh water