Miele PG8083 SCViXXL

A unique fully integrated commercial dishwasher


Not all installations are the same therefore not all dishwashers need be the same, the Miele PG8083SCVi certainly stands out as a unique commercial machine. The Miele PG8083 SCVi dishwasher can be fully integrated into your kitchen, a unique feature. As a result this model isn’t suited to everyone but is a perfect solution where a commercial installation requires high end aesthetics, easy operation and commercial durability. The Miele PG8083 SCVi is also fast, a full wash can be completed within 18 minutes.


H/W/D [mm] 845 x 598 x 500.

What happens next…

If you are specifying a dishwasher for your office, high end residential property or a commercial kitchen with a more approachable domestic infrastructure call us to discuss the fast and efficient Miele PG8083SCVi professional dishwasher.


Product benefits

Fully integrated // Short wash cycles // Unique 3D cutlery tray // Twin basket // Always fresh water