Pony Angel

Fully automated heated buck shirt finisher


The Pony Angel shirt finisher is built to present the easiest method of achieving the highest quality shirt finish in the most economical manner. Featuring a front and rear heated Teflon coated buck the pressed finish delivers an incredibly crisp result effortlessly. The operation is fast and efficient; a skilled operator with minimal training can return a shirt within 30 seconds!


H/W/D [mm] 2090 x 2450 x 1240

What happens next…

There are a number of shirt machines that we present, with the Angel being a premium solution, we highly recommend a consultation either at your premises or within our showroom where we can truly understand your business and identify your perfect solution from our wide range of appliances, please take the opportunity to contact us directly for an initial discussion.


Product benefits

High productivity // High Quality // Low steam consumption // Very Robust //