High Quality Collar & Cuff finisher


If you automate your shirt process and incorporate a shirt finishing machine a collar and cuff machine is the perfect compliment. The incorporation of the CCP can reduce your entire shirt production to a one-operator solution, maximising your margin opportunity in every shirt you process. An additional benefit to a CCP is the ability to incorporate a boiler within the same cabinet that offers over capacity to operate further steam equipment within your laundry, saving valuable floor space. The PONY CCP is incredibly robust and durable and features a raft of safety features to eliminate unnecessary risk to the operator.


H/W/D [mm] 1380 x 1140 x 1440

What happens next…

Whether you are simply investigating the product and how it could benefit your business, or you have a terminal failure of your existing collar and cuff machine we highly recommend calling to discuss the CCP, we can then follow up wiht a free site visit to ensure our recommendations are fit for purpose and meet your exact needs, please call to discuss.


Product benefits

Automatic // Safe Operation // Space Saving // Very Robust // Reliable.