Pony MPT-DP2

Commercial trouser topper with easy operation


A trouser topper is an invaluable piece of equipment in a busy professional cleaners laundry, complimenting all processes where there either a considerable volume of trouser pressing or where the specific process demands a combination of speed and high quality results time and time again. Wet Cleaning process will truly benefit from the incorporation of a trouser topper, previously considered a luxury our customers are the first to let us know that the trouser topper delivers multi-layered benefits, saving timing, improving quality, and producing a highly consistent result, regardless of user and their individual skill and experience.


H/W/D [mm] 1920 x 680 x 1320

What happens next…

As with most high end complex finishing equipment we always recommend a consultative approach, we highly recommend a free site survey and if convenient we extend the opportunity to try before you buy on all finishing solutions, visiting either a showroom or customer site near you. Please call for further product and installation information.



Product benefits

Wet Cleaning Ready // Fast Operation // Easy to Operate // Durable // Compact