Veit 8326 shirt finisher

Fast, high quality solution for high volume shirt processing.


If you are processing shirts manually on a table it is worth noting there is another way. Using an automated shirt process can deliver significant savings and as a result your margin per shirt can increase accordingly. Where a skilled operator may struggle to finish 20 shirts an hour a shirt finisher can potentially finisj as many as 60 shirts in the same time, increasing productivity or reducing your labour costs. Simple operation and highly consistent results are the minimum benefits.


H/W/D [mm] 1660 x 2670 x 1210

What happens next…

A shirt finisher is a sizeable unit therefore a size visit is highly recommended, as it a visit to a showroom to fully appreciate the automation and simplicity. Feel free to call SLS directly to discuss your volume and how a shirt finisher can improve your business and profitability, 0845 388 3834.


Product benefits

Consistent results // High Quality Finish // Easy to operate // Labour saving // Maximise Margin