Intellingent Equipment


SLS Connect T24

Commercial Tumble Dryer

The SLS Connect T24 intelligent tumble dryer is an easy to use, high quality commercial tumble dryer that is totally flexible and simple to operate.

The T24 washing machine provides 24-30kg load capacity and can be supplied as either Natural Gas, LPG, Electric or Steam heat input.

SLS Connect range features embedded electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity which enable the machines to connect to a central Cloud portal to provide constant live updates and monitoring of performance, activity and problems.

SLS Connect gives visibility to what is really happening in your laundry and empowers our team to provide the highest standards of service and support.

SLS Connect, Simple, Connected, Intelligent

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Simple Intuitive Interface

Working like your favorite Smartphone and using easily recognised pictorial symbols, the Connect controls are simple.


Height (c) 1810mm x Width (a) 970mm x Depth, min (b) 1205mm x Depth, max (e) 1315mm x Centre door (d) 1090mm

Loading capacity

275litres/1:25 - 24kg/1:20 30kg

Generous door opening

The large door opening has a door that folds back to give perfect access for loading.

Robust door construction

The large door features purposeful robust door hinges.

Comfortable door handle

The door handle on SLS Connect dryers matches that of the washers for parallel comfort and ease of use.

Almost indestructible mesh filtration

SLS Connect dryer lint screens are made from fine stainless steel mesh instead of fabric for durability and longevity.

Payment controls are an option

In keeping with our range of washing machines there is an option for payments controls integrated within the machine and the data relating to payments along with the ability to alter the values and charges is all Cloud based and therefore easy to manage.

Product benefits

Simple use // Connected // Future Proof // Serviceable via the Cloud // Unlimited programs //
Durable // Commercial Quality