Intellingent Equipment


SLS Connect W24

Commercial Washing Machine

The SLS Connect W24 intelligent washing machine is an easy to use, high quality commercial washing machine that is totally flexible and simple to operate.

The W24 washing machine provides a highly efficient 24kg load capacity and is packed full of features.

SLS Connect range features embedded electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity which enable the machines to connect to a central Cloud portal to provide constant live updates and monitoring of performance, activity and problems.

SLS Connect gives visibility to what is really happening in your laundry and empowers our team to provide the highest standards of service and support.

SLS Connect, Simple, Connected, Intelligent

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Simple Interface

Working like your favorite Smartphone and using easily recognised pictorial symbols, the Connect controls are simple.


Height (c) 1460mm x Width (a) 970mm x Depth, min (b) 1045mm x Depth, max (e) 1105mm x Centre door (d) 765mm

Loading capacity

240litres/1:10 - 24kg/1:9 27kg

Generous door opening

Near 180º door opening, easy loading and unloading.

Comfortable door handle

Easy to operate door handle.

Robust construction throughout

Solid construction throughout to ensure longevity and durability, tried and tested throughout the world.

Textured stainless steel drum

Specially designed textured surface within the drum to protect fabrics and reduce mechanical wear. Stainless steel construction with speed control and a unique speed sensor.

Designed for auto-dose laundry liquids

SLS Connect washers can operate up to 14 individual chemical pumps directly.

Optional Payment Control

SLS Connect machines can operate with integrated payments controls, designed to accept all modern methods of payment, not just cash or token. The intelligent controls also mitigates the need for a further centralised payment control and all data and payment management can be dealt with via The Cloud.

Product benefits

Simple use // Connected // Future Proof // Serviceable via the Cloud // Unlimited programs //
Durable // Commercial Quality