Miele PW 413 MOPSTAR 130

13kg-14kg Commercial mop head washer has been specifically designed for contract cleaners


The highly efficient and reliable Miele PW 413 MOPSTAR 130 includes special programmes for mops, pads, cloths, mats and disinfection. Miele’s unique honey comb drum releases and discharges a considerable amount of soil before the cleaning process begins. With short and effective programmes, you can be assured of fast turnaround times and high performance.


H/W/D [mm] 1352/799/1010

What’s next..

The PW 413 MOPSTAR 130 isn’t a complicated machine but we always recommend a brief conversation and, if required, a free site survey. For pricing and advice, please contact SLS.


Product benefits

Tested to last 30,000 operating hours // Simple door closure with
OneFingerTouch // 2 Years parts and labour commercial warranty