Miele Mopstar 130

13kg specialist commercial washing machine for the Cleaning/FM industry


The Mopstar 130 is a generously proportioned 13kg commercial washing machine designed specifically for the contract cleaning professional. Featuring a host of benefits tailored to the processing of mops and cloths, microfibre and floor pads, the Mopstar 130 will provide a high quality, hygienic process whilst ensuring the operational longevity of your washable items via a unique feature, the Honeycomb drum.


H/W/D [mm] 1250 x 804 x 1005

What next…

If this machine appears too big there is always the smaller Mopstar 60 6.5kg version, or if you would like further advice and pricing please get in touch with our sales team. Thank you.


Product benefits

Perfect results // Honeycomb drum
Bespoke programs // Commercial durability // WRAS approved