WetCare Wet Cleaning

The Professional Cleaners solution for high end cleaning


WetCare is a modern solution for professional laundry businesses, often referred to as “Eco-Dry Cleaning” it is a distinctly different solution to cleaning delicate garments packed with features and benefits.

WetCare is a unique process, designed and instigated by a partnership that is still going strong to this day between Miele Professional and Kreussler Chemicals.

WetCare works, WetCare is an alternative to dry cleaning.

We believe WetCare will:

  • Improve the quality, feel and finish of the garments you are processing
  • Allow you to process garments that wouldn’t be achievable within the Dry Cleaning process
  • Work within a safer environment without harsh toxic chemicals
  • Remove a unnecessary tier of administration linked to reporting for your Perc license
  • Save money
  • Drastically reduce your business impact upon the environment
  • Open new avenues for revunue
  • Reconnect with your customers, offering a better alternative
  • Future-proof your business against further restrictions and cost associated with the use of traditional dry cleaning chemicals.


What happens next…

WetCare isn’t an overtly complicated solution in operation, however it isn’t a concept that lends itself to a page on a website, we have experienced specialists who will happily talk about the available solutions and ideally take the time to visit you at your premise to appreciate what you are trying to achieve and help guide you to the best solution. We also have a large showroom featuring all the equipment you could wish to install for WetCare processing, call for further details.


Product benefits

Safer in use // Lower Costs // Better Feel // Nice Scent // No License Required // Ecological