SLS nominated for Machinery Distributor award at 2018 LADAs

The team at SLS are delighted to share that we have made the judges shortlist for the Machinery Distributor award at this year’s Laundry & Dry Cleaning Awards (LADAs).

Described as the ‘must-attend event on the industry calendar’, the LADAs recognise the hard work, skill and innovation of companies and products operating in the sector.

Competition in the Machinery Distributor category is particularly high this year, so we can’t wait to find out the results which will be announced during the annual black-tie event at Mercedes-Benz World on 1st November.

Stay tuned to find out how we get on!

Speedy Iron invests in SLS Connect

We are delighted that Speedy Iron, the professional laundry service based in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire and Tetbury, has become the first customer to benefit from SLS Connect – our new range of smart commercial laundry equipment.

To increase operational efficiency across their rapidly growing company, Speedy Iron invested in a W28 steam heated washer and a T24 gas heated dryer.

Find out more here.

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SLS wins Innovation Excellence Award at Dementia Care & Nursing Home Expo

We are delighted to have been awarded the Innovation Excellence Award at the 2018 Dementia Care & Nursing Home last week!

The award recognises an original, cost-effective and operational product or service that will have positive change in the care industry. With 5 exhibitors in our category to choose from, we couldn’t be happier that our new innovation, SLS Connect, was crowned the winner!

Receiving the award during the launch of SLS Connect reinforces the benefits of this intelligent machinery and the impact it will have on the commercial laundry sector. We can’t wait to share it all with you.

If you’d like to find out more about SLS Connect and how it could help you, give us a call on 0845 388 3834 or email

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Perfecting service doesn’t have to be complicated.

Service support has always been reactive, requiring an insight that is never available. We arrive blind to what has happened with any machine that is faulty. SLS Connect turns this on its head.

Having foresight of what might be wrong and the reasons why before we visit means we can arrive prepared. This simplifies everything; when a customer calls we will be able to communicate directly about their problem from a position of knowledge, reducing the interaction to a simple quality discussion as opposed to a distracting Q&A leading to confusion on all parties behalf.

We have listened and accepted what is wrong and SLS Connect is our answer. Simple by design.

The IOT meets commercial laundry equipment.

IOT – the Internet of Things. A network of physical devices embedded with electronics, software, sensors and measuring equipment, reporting directly to a cloud infrastructure.

SLS Connect is the introduction of IOT principles, designed to improve and maximise information in support of perfect customer service. There are plenty of products coming to market that incorporate the benefits of IOT and we are extremely proud to bring the benefits to the commercial laundry market.

SLS Connect, simply laundry.

SLS Connect. Designed to reduce downtime.

How long on average does it take to repair a laundry machine? How about the average hours you’ve lost communicating a problem to your service partner? Imagine a machine that reports directly to your service partner whenever there’s an issue.

We are passionate about change and improving our customers’ experience, taking the bold step to introduce a new solution to the market is our way of challenging the norm. We want service to become transparent, we want our standards to be easily measurable and visible, and for our customers to have the best possible experience without even recognising it is happening.

Let’s revolutionise your in-house laundry.

SLS Connect will provide information for every invested party; managers can view reports at the click of a button, owners can see activity from anywhere in the world and operatives can truly interact with simple controls.

We believe there is no point simply capturing fantastic operational information, sharing statistics and reporting accurately upon performance gives the power directly to our customer.

If you operate multiple sites you will have the ability to see how each laundry operates and where efficienies can be obtained. The information we will capture will allow us to propose better more efficient laundries for the future within your business. There is already a plan in place to use the data we are capturing to predict failure, achievable by only understanding how and why failure happens in the real world. Maybe in the future we can predict and resolve a fault before it even happens!

Perfecting service, delivering quality results

SLS Connect simplifies laundry. It delivers the highest wash quality with a custom system that is flexible, simple and adaptable.

We have appreciated the feedback and our own observations regarding the process of washing laundry and regardless of your business type or environment there are a very few simple needs that underline the whole ethos of laundry. The No.1 priority and function of a laundry is to clean linen and return it to use in the best possible condition. This is our No.1 focus, regardless of how we deliver our standards they must be of the highest order.

Modern environmental and operational pressures exist however whereby a laundry must illustrate value and efficiency. SLS Connect strives to control the variables associated with laundry; we have incorporated a simple design feature whereby the machine truly understands what is being processed and adjusts every level automatically and simply without the user noticing. Performance is consistent while using the least energy and time.

Your laundry, your way.